The stage is set for an enthralling cricketing battle as Pakistan Sri Lanka match in the ICC World Cup 2023. This highly anticipated matchup promises to deliver a captivating display of talent, strategy, and fierce competition. With both teams boasting a rich cricketing legacy and a knack for surprising their opponents, this clash holds the potential to be one of the standout fixtures of the tournament. Cricket enthusiasts worldwide are eagerly awaiting this showdown, as Pakistan vs Sri Lanka prepare to lock horns on the international stage.

Pakistan vs Sri Lanka

Results of Previous Sri Lanka Pakistan Match

In previous encounters between Sri Lanka Pakistan, both teams have engaged in some thrilling contests that have left a lasting impression on cricket fans. Historically, Pakistan has often held the upper hand, thanks to their strong cricketing infrastructure and world-class players. These encounters have spanned across various formats of the game, including Test matches, One Day Internationals (ODIs), and T20 Internationals.

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One memorable match took place during the 2009 ICC World Twenty20 final, where Pakistan emerged victorious against Sri Lanka in a closely contested battle. It showcased Pakistan’s ability to perform under pressure on the grandest stage.

However, it’s worth noting that cricket is a sport known for its unpredictability, and Sri Lanka, with its talented players and rich cricketing history, has also delivered its fair share of remarkable performances against Pakistan. As the two teams gear up for their clash in the ICC World Cup 2023, fans can expect an exciting showdown with the potential for new chapters in their cricketing rivalry to be written.

Date Match Winner Margin
June 16, 2019 ICC Cricket World Cup Pakistan 3 wickets
September 28, 2019 One-Day International Sri Lanka 13 runs
September 30, 2019 One-Day International Sri Lanka 35 runs
October 2, 2019 One-Day International Sri Lanka 13 runs
October 5, 2019 One-Day International Pakistan 5 wickets
December 11, 2019 Test Match Pakistan Innings & 16 runs
December 19, 2019 Test Match Pakistan 263 runs
December 19, 2019 Test Match Pakistan Innings & 48 runs

Pakistan Match Condition Before

As Pakistan prepares to face Sri Lanka in the ICC World Cup 2023, their team’s condition is a matter of great anticipation. Pakistan, known for its cricketing prowess, boasts a squad with a mix of experienced players and emerging talents. The team has been working diligently to ensure they are in peak form for this tournament.

In terms of batting, Pakistan’s top order, featuring the likes of Babar Azam and Mohammad Rizwan, has shown consistency and the ability to set a strong foundation. The middle order, with experienced campaigners such as Shoaib Malik and the power-hitting Asif Ali, adds depth to their batting lineup. However, Pakistan’s batting has sometimes faced challenges with consistency and converting starts into substantial scores, something they would look to address before their match against Sri Lanka.

Bowling has traditionally been Pakistan’s strength, and their pace attack, led by Shaheen Afridi and Hasan Ali, can trouble even the best of batting lineups. The spin department, with Shadab Khan as a key spinner, offers variety and control. Pakistan’s bowlers will be looking to exploit any favorable conditions and put Sri Lanka under pressure.

Overall, Pakistan’s team condition before this match is promising, but the key will be to maintain consistency in all aspects of their game and adapt to the conditions presented during the tournament. The fans can expect a fiercely competitive performance from Pakistan as they aim to make their mark in the ICC World Cup 2023.

Pakistan national cricket team

Sri Lanka Match Condition Before

As Sri Lanka gears up to face Pakistan in the ICC World Cup 2023, the condition of their team is a topic of great interest. Sri Lanka, a nation with a rich cricketing history, has seen its team go through transitions in recent years. They have a blend of experienced players and young talents, making their condition before this tournament quite intriguing.

In terms of batting, Sri Lanka relies heavily on the consistency and experience of players like Dimuth Karunaratne and Kusal Perera, who have been instrumental in providing solid starts. However, the middle order has been a concern at times, and Sri Lanka would be looking to strengthen that aspect of their lineup.

Sri Lanka’s bowling, on the other hand, is often their strength. They possess skilled spinners like Wanindu Hasaranga and Lakshan Sandakan, who can exploit spinning conditions effectively. The pace attack, led by players like Dushmantha Chameera, brings variety and pace to their bowling department.

Overall, Sri Lanka’s condition before this match is marked by a mixture of potential and challenges. Their team is capable of surprising stronger opponents on their day, but consistency and stability across all aspects of the game will be crucial for their success in the ICC World Cup 2023. Cricket enthusiasts can anticipate an exciting contest between Pakistan vs. Sri Lanka as both teams strive to make their presence felt in the tournament.

Sri Lanka cricket team

Sri Lanka vs Pakistan Prediction Match

Predicting the outcome of a cricket match, especially one as significant as Sri Lanka vs. Pakistan in the ICC World Cup, is always a complex task. Both teams have their strengths and areas of concern, making it a closely contested encounter.

Looking at recent form, Pakistan has shown improvement in various aspects of their game. Their batting, led by the experienced Babar Azam, possesses the capability to put up substantial totals. Pakistan’s bowling attack, featuring fast bowlers like Shaheen Afridi and spinners such as Shadab Khan, has the potential to make an impact.

Sri Lanka, on the other hand, has the advantage of skilled spinners like Wanindu Hasaranga and a mix of youth and experience in their lineup. If their batsmen can find consistency and their bowlers exploit favorable conditions, Sri Lanka could pose a serious challenge.

In conclusion, while Pakistan might be considered slight favorites, cricket is a sport known for its surprises, and Sri Lanka has the potential to upset the odds. The outcome of the match will depend on various factors including the form of key players, pitch conditions, and the ability to handle pressure on the day. Cricket fans can look forward to an intriguing battle between Pakistan versus Sri Lanka in the ICC World Cup 2023.

Conclusion - Sri Lanka versus Pakistan

In conclusion, the Pakistan vs Sri Lanka T20 match in the ICC World Cup 2023 promises to be a closely contested battle between two talented teams. While Pakistan may have a slight advantage based on recent form and key player performances, Sri Lanka’s ability to adapt to match conditions and the potential of their spin bowlers cannot be underestimated. Cricket fans can look forward to an exciting and unpredictable encounter where anything can happen. Ultimately, the outcome will be determined by the team that can handle pressure and seize key moments in the game. It’s a match that embodies the essence of cricket’s unpredictability and the thrill it brings to fans worldwide.

Pakistan Sri Lanka cricket match Prediction by our experts: Considering Pakistan’s recent form, well-rounded squad, and a slight edge in head-to-head encounters, they enter this match as favorites. However, Sri Lanka’s fighting spirit and ability to spring surprises make them a formidable opposition.


Sri Lanka vs Pakistan who will win?

The outcome of the Pakistan and Sri Lanka match in the ICC World Cup 2023 is uncertain and will depend on the performance of both teams on the day of the match.

What if Pakistan lost to Sri Lanka?

If Pakistan were to lose to Sri Lanka, it would impact their standing in the tournament, potentially affecting their chances of advancing to the next stage. However, it’s important to note that cricket matches can have unexpected results.

When is Pakistan vs Sri Lanka?

The specific date of the Sri Lanka Pakistan cricket match in the ICC World Cup 2023 would depend on the tournament schedule, which is typically announced by the ICC closer to the event.

Where to watch Pakistan vs Sri Lanka?

The broadcasting channels or platforms for watching the Pakistan Sri Lanka cricket match would be determined by the broadcasting rights holder for the tournament.

How Have Pakistan versus Sri Lanka Match Historically Performed Against Each Other in ICC Tournaments?

Sri Lanka and Pakistan have had several memorable encounters in ICC tournaments over the years. Both teams have had their moments of success, making their matches in ICC tournaments highly competitive and unpredictable.