Sri Lanka Cricket Team 2023

Chamika Karunaratne

Role: Bowler

Batting: Right-hand

Date of birth: 29 May 1996

Date of debut: 28 May 2021

Chamika Karunaratne - Sri Lanka Cricket's Rising Fast Bowler ✅ Career Records & Latest Updates
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TEST Batting
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166 th
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163 rd
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168 th
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109 th
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229 th
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221 th
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Chamika Karunaratne: Sri Lanka’s Emerging All-Rounder Ready to Shine in ICC World Cup 2023

Chamika Karunaratne, the promising all-rounder from Sri Lanka, has been steadily making his mark in international cricket with his impressive performances and versatile skills. Renowned for his medium-pace bowling and aggressive batting, Karunaratne has quickly emerged as a rising star in Sri Lanka’s cricketing landscape. This article delves into the journey of Chamika Karunaratne, the emerging all-rounder, and his ambitions for the ICC World Cup 2023, solidifying his position as a key player in Sri Lanka’s cricketing future.

Early Days and Cricketing Genesis

Born on April 1, 1997, in Colombo, Sri Lanka, Chamika Karunaratne’s cricketing journey began at a young age. His natural flair for medium-pace bowling and aggressive batting style caught the attention of cricketing mentors, setting the stage for a promising career.

Domestic Success and Rise to International Cricket

Chamika Karunaratne’s consistent performances in domestic cricket earned him recognition, leading to his inclusion in the Sri Lanka cricket team. He made his international debut for Sri Lanka in 2020 and quickly showcased his potential as a talented all-rounder.

Medium-Pace Bowling Prowess

Known for his medium-pace bowling, Chamika Karunaratne has the ability to generate good bounce and movement off the pitch. His ability to pick crucial wickets in the middle overs makes him a valuable asset for Sri Lanka’s bowling attack.

Aggressive Batting Style

In addition to his bowling prowess, Chamika Karunaratne stats has shown glimpses of his aggressive batting. His ability to score quick runs down the order gives Sri Lanka’s batting lineup added depth and firepower.

World Cup Selection and Preparations

As the ICC World Cup 2023 approaches, Chamika Karunaratne stats is determined to secure a spot in Sri Lanka’s World Cup squad. His reputation as a talented all-rounder and his impressive performances in recent matches make him a player to watch out for. Karunaratne has been working diligently on his fitness and honing his skills, preparing himself to make a significant impact on cricket’s grandest stage.

Potential Impact in the World Cup 2023

Chamika Karunaratne’s all-round abilities make him a crucial player for Sri Lanka in the World Cup. His medium-pace bowling can provide breakthroughs, while his aggressive batting can help accelerate the team’s total in the latter stages of the innings.

Key Performances in Recent Times

Karunaratne’s impressive performances in recent matches have solidified his position as one of Sri Lanka’s most promising all-rounders. His match-winning contributions with both bat and ball have been instrumental in the team’s successes.

Emerging as Sri Lanka’s Rising Star

The ICC World Cup 2023 could establish Chamika Karunaratne as Sri Lanka’s rising star. His performances in the tournament could cement his reputation as a key player in the team’s resurgence. Karunaratne’s medium-pace bowling and aggressive batting will continue to be a driving force behind Sri Lanka’s cricketing success.


Chamika Karunaratne’s journey from a talented all-rounder to a rising star is a testament to his dedication and versatility in the game. The ICC World Cup 2023 provides the perfect platform for Karunaratne to showcase his skills and contribute significantly to Sri Lanka’s success. As the team’s emerging all-rounder, his performances have the potential to be instrumental in their journey, and his medium-pace bowling and aggressive batting will continue to captivate cricket enthusiasts worldwide in the years to come. With the right guidance and opportunities, Karunaratne can undoubtedly become a key pillar of Sri Lanka’s cricketing future.