What is fake fielding in cricket?

What is fake fielding in cricket?

Cricket is a game that is centuries old and has gathered a large army of fans. They enjoy watching world level championships and local events. While cricket has gotten the form it has now, it has gone through quite a few transformations. Few people know that at its origins the game was exclusively for children and then it seemed that it had no prospects of entering the big arena. As the game itself developed, its rules improved. For example, not so long ago appeared fake fielding rule in cricket.

Fake fielding in cricket meaning - a term that is used to describe a situation where one of the players deliberately misleads a player from the opposing team. Misleading a player with the bat is a rule violation that came into effect not too long ago due to frequent fake fielding by fielders. The most common example of this faux pas is a fake throw by a fielder while the player at bat may not notice the deception. Those who begin to be interested in this game is concerned about the question - what is fake fielding in cricket in hindi?

what is fake fielding in cricket in hindi

The relevance of such aspects is due to the frequent cases when players use deceptions and mislead the opponents. This cannot be ignored, because modern cricket should be civilized, where there is no room for chaos, which can lead to devious moves of players. What is fake fielding in cricket - it is worth considering in more detail.

It is worth noting that there is a difference between real player errors and the situation when there is fake fielding in cricket. Real misfields occur when a player misses the ball. Fake fielding will be recorded when the act is deliberate and is meant to confuse the opponent in a deceptive manner. Because of the similarities between the two situations, it often happens that the actual offense is not recorded because they cannot prove that it was not a mistake but a deliberate move. What is fake fielding in cricket - let’s take a closer look.

Fake fielding rule in cricket

Rule 41.5.1 clearly states that a fielder may not, by words or actions, mislead players with the bat after the ball has been received by the striker. Immediately thereafter, rule 41.5.2 requires the umpire to decide whether the distraction or any obstruction was intentional. On the field, the umpires were obliged to answer the question as to whether it was fake fielding in cricket or fair play. If this was the case, Bangladesh could have received 5 wounds which would have resulted in a superover.

what is fake fielding in cricket in hindi

This rule came into existence for a reason, as earlier players on the field often used it, thus cheating their opponents. Thus, about 5 years ago, it was decided to introduce a rule that prohibits misleading opponents by using fake play. It is not to say that it is now impossible to observe fake fielding rule in cricket, but it is no longer so openly spoken about.

Fake fielding in cricket meaning and its types

To get the desired behavior of the opponent, players often resort to fake fielding. To know what is fake fielding rule in cricket, you need to deal with each variant in more detail.

  • Fake run - the trick is used to prevent a second attempt from the player with the bat. To pull off this trick you need to have a good talent for acting.
  • Fake catching - fake fielding in cricket, which involves a fielder claiming to have caught a catch, but it is a fake in reality.
  • Acting - dramatic gestures and unconventional reactions lead to surprise as well as laughter.
  • Desperate drive - a fielder can portray that the ball is almost in his hands. This can cause the player with the bat to develop too much speed or make a leap to the other end.
  • Fake stumping - building the wicket in such a way that the stump looks real.

All of the above situations cannot always be distinguished from real player blunders, which often makes it difficult to make an objective assessment of a player.

What is fake fielding in cricket?

The T20 World Cup brought defeat to Bangladesh in a game against India, after which the losing team accused player Virat Kohli of the opposing team of what was fake fielding in cricket meaning. Demands were made to the umpires to award five runs in penalties.

The 2022 Men’s Cricket Championship made the fans experience a lot of excitement. Such a massive event is always accompanied by drama and a lot of conflicting emotions. The semi-final of the Bangladesh-India qualifier provided a special experience as many fans could see with their own eyes and see for themselves what is fake fielding in cricket.

The game was played at the Adelaide Oval Stadium, one of the biggest arenas located in Australia. It was the venue that captured the game between the two giants, India and Bangladesh, filled with unexpected twists and turns and rainy weather that somehow contributed to the outcome of the game.

India’s scorer Virat Kohli broke records, became the best and made history in the T20 World Cup. The man with this status was accused of fake play on the field on the statement of Bangladesh team goalkeeper - Nurullah Hasan. He claimed that Kohli’s fake play went unnoticed by the umpires. Five runs should be deducted from Kohli’s penalty, as for Bangladesh it would have amounted to a loss. The Bangladesh team has made a demand to the International Cricket Council (ICC) that they investigate the situation, namely to confirm fake fielding in cricket meaning.

If you look closely at the video, you can see Virat Kohli intending to make a pass of the ball towards the bowler, although he does not have it. In return, Bangladesh could have been given 5 more runs had the umpires been more alert and noticed this stunt during the game. Bangladesh were six points away from their target. Given the rules of cricket, it is worth examining the situation in more detail.

what is fake fielding in cricket in hindi

How did it actually play out?

It was decided that India batted first and Bangladesh’s target was 185 runs. However, due to increasing rain, the target had to be lowered to 151 runs. In the seventh over, Bangladesh had an incident in the chase, namely fake fielding in cricket. Litton Das, the player with the bat, played the ball towards deep offside. India’s fast bowler, Arshdeep Singh, caught and dropped the ball. Kohli, who was in his playing position, played restraint as the ball flew past him.

Such manipulation got away with the player and went unnoticed by everyone who was present on the field at the time, including the umpires. Bangladesh’s outrage is understandable as they could have been awarded five extra runs, something they were deprived of due to the inattention of the umpires who should be watching the game and detecting fake fielding in cricket rather than ignoring it in favor of the opposing team.

After the seventh over, play was stopped due to weather conditions. The technical adviser then tried to discuss the incident with the umpires, but they again maintained that no infringement had been observed.

Penalties should have been awarded by the umpires in real time, but the moment was lost and Bangladesh ended up losing the game. This incident is a prime example of what dishonest manipulation of players can lead to. The team that had chances in the game missed them, but they were not going to back down from their goal and demanded to review the case and recognize the fact of fake fielding in cricket meaning.

Fake fielding in cricket: the first punishment for breaking the rule

The rule change was in 2017 to fix the coverage of all cases of fake fielding. The first player to receive punishment due to violation of this cricket law was Marnus Labuschagne. He was then playing for the Queensland Bulls in a JLT One-Day Cup match against a Cricket Australia XI in Brisbane. Labuschagne is in the middle of the pitch and prepared to throw, although he did not have the ball.

There was an incident of cheating by an Englishman on the cricket field between England and Australia in 2019. That time too, the umpires could not apply a penalty as they did not see any prerequisites for it.

It turns out that fake fielding in cricket is a rather vague concept, because players who mislead their opponents are not always penalized for it.

Final thoughts

Fake fielding in cricket meaning is a serious offense that makes the game unfair. Such cases should be detected and punished so that other players do not allow themselves to engage in such behavior. After learning what is fake fielding in cricket in hindi, there is a reason to think about the fact that it is not so easy to fix violations. As a result, the losing team may face injustice from umpires who refuse to recognize the fact of violation of cricket laws.


What is fake fielding in cricket?

A tactic that fielders use to confuse players with the bat is called - fake fielding in cricket. It is a tricky move that is sometimes used in cricket to mislead the opponent. There are several instances in the history of cricket where players have resorted to such methods of deception to get a win.

Are players penalized for fake fielding in cricket?

Yes, the International Cricket Council has passed a multi-point law that prohibits the use of manipulation designed to mislead players with the bat. To understand what actions are considered prohibited, you need to understand what is fake fielding in cricket.

Can fake fielding rules in cricket be confused with real mistakes by players?

Yes, players can make mistakes and misses, but they do so accidentally, not deliberately. However, if the umpires record an infringement, then the team slalen was committing acts that clearly indicated fake fielding in cricket. There are several points that can be used to determine the behavior of a player on the field. In this way the behavior of a team member can be assessed.

What is fake fielding in cricket and why is it illegal?

Fake fielding in cricket is an illegal act that violates the spirit of fair play. It is a form of cheating that allows you to get a win in a clever way. Using such tricks makes the game unfair and brings frustration to players and fans alike.

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What is fake fielding in cricket?