Who is best opener in cricket?

Who is best opener in cricket?

Each sporting discipline has rules that all players taking part in competitions must comply with. In cricket, a team of athletes takes to the playing field, each of whom has assigned tasks. But their main goal is the need to collect the maximum number of shackles. Points can be awarded for removing batsmen from the field, broken wickets, number of runs, etc. But the main task is to hit the ball with a bat, bowled by the opposing team.

who is the best opener in the world cricket

Bowlers who serve the ball try to hold their position for as long as possible in order to earn maximum points, that’s who is best opener in cricket. And the batting team hopes to score as many runs as possible to create an impressive number of runs. Such opportunities for both teams are quite relevant at the time of newcomers joining the national team. The overall result of the entire match will depend on them, since they set the pace and direction of the game. Openers must serve the ball correctly to create a favorable environment for their team from the very first minute.

They are also faced with a rather difficult task - accepting a flying ball that moves at high speed as a result of the bowler’s delivery. After the newcomer accepts the ball, he will have to launch a new one. Although this chain of actions is sequential, the athlete must still have well-developed logical thinking in order to achieve high results. Who is the best opener in the world cricket who managed to do this?

Who is the best opener in world cricket: rating of athletes

Cricket openers have an important task ahead of them: they must not only be able to navigate the difficult situations that arise after the lightning-fast delivery of the ball by the bowlers, but also lay a strong foundation for their colleagues. Therefore, who is the best opener in cricket should not only be those who are good with the bat, but also those who provide good wicketkeeping. Who is best opener in cricket?

Let’s look at the list in more detail:

  • Sachin Tendulkar;
  • Quinton de Kock;
  • Gordon Greenidge;
  • David Warner;
  • Shane Watson;
  • Rohit Sharma;
  • Shikhar Dhawan;
  • Alastair Cook;
  • Hashim Amla;
  • Tillakaratne Dilshan.

Each of the listed athletes proved their superiority with an excellent game.

who is the best opener in the world cricket

Alastair Cook

The athlete who is best opener in cricket played for the England national team for a long time and was its captain. Alastair’s debut came in 2006, when the team had to take the field against the Indian team. The dominance was seen in the final minutes of the game when Cook came on for Trescothick. This match was considered quite important, since the team’s position in the standings depended on its result. Cook managed to get 100 points. He showed his excellent skills in test tournaments. The young guy managed to score more than 12 thousand runs. The young athlete’s achievements also included 33 centuries earned in Test cricket. But Alastair’s most important title is the fact that he was the first Englishman to win 50 Test tournaments.

Quinton de Kock

The newcomer to cricket occupies a place of honor among those players who periodically return to their career and immediately surprise with high results. He managed to get into the Guinness Book of Records several times like players who is best opener in cricket. In the team, he played the role of wicket-keeper. The South African showed his skill and professionalism already at a young age, so it is now clear why many coaches predicted a brilliant future for him.

For the first time on the cricket arena, he appeared in the T20 match of the South African team, which played against New Zealand. The event took place in 2012. At the meeting with India, Quinton managed to score 3 centuries, one after another, which attracted the attention of spectators and coaches to him.

Shane Watson

Who is best opener in cricket? Many fans from Australia ask themselves this question. After all, it is the national team of this country that holds a large number of world cricket records. Shane is considered by many to be one of the premier all-rounders in the modern game.

This athlete had all the data necessary to conquer sporting heights:

  • perfect set;
  • endurance and endurance;
  • excellent physical shape;
  • manual dexterity and strength.

He could hit almost any ball, and the pace of the game had no effect on him. Serving the ball was a favorite pastime for the player, so the opponent was always wary when Watson came onto the field. The guy competed at international competitions in 2002. At this time, a series of matches was being played across South Africa in the ODI format.

Shikhar Dhawan

who is the best opener in the world cricket

Let’s not forget about Indian players who is best opener in cricket are also performing well in international cricket. Shikhar has established himself as a professional batsman who can hit any ball. His quick attacks and logical attack allowed him to regularly bring points to the team. He could play in any part of the Indian national team, but in the end he achieved only the highest results. His game is played offside. In 2013, the famous and influential Champions Trophy tournament was held, where Dhawan was able to show his skills and emerge as the top striker. The player’s merit is considered to be 363 points, which he brought to the team over 5 matches.

Gordon Greenidge

Who is the best opener in world cricket if not Gordon Greenidge? He is truly recognized as one of the most successful cricketers. Who is the best opener in cricket — he opened cricket when he played for the West Indies. The unique ability to control the process of serving and hitting the ball allowed the athlete to score the maximum number of points for his team. The use of a winning strategy, which was developed by the player himself, helped him gain the required number of points to take a prize place in the tournament table. Throughout Gordon’s career, he scored more than 12 thousand runs. The first appearance on the field was recorded in 1974, when the national team played against India.

Tillakaratne Dilshan

No less popular than the previous player who is the best opener in cricket, Dilshan from Sri Lanka.

The athlete who opened the game always set himself the task in one of the following ways:

  • to the side;
  • beyond the ropes that are restrictive.

Protection was not relevant for him. He used it on rare occasions, so everyone considered Dilshan to be a real destroyer. The athlete was also recognized as an inventor who used unique strategies that allowed him to climb up the career ladder. In all his time on the field, he managed to score 17671 runs.

Particularly valued was the player’s ability to serve the ball without spinning it. It was this throwing technique that became a novelty in cricket, which attributes him with another contribution to the development of this sport. Dilshan also developed his own style of throwing, which was etched in the record books.

David Warner: who is the best opener in the world cricket?

The Australian international boasted his dynamic movements and flamboyant performances that captivated hundreds of thousands of fans. The first appearance on the international stage was recorded in T20 cricket, when the team played against South Africa. In this game, his efforts were noticed in the first innings when he managed to score 89 balls. The player’s career was varied. But the ups and downs did not break David. His strong spirit helped Warner return to action again and again. However, one sad story ruined his career, so David had to leave cricket for a year like a player who is the best opener in cricket.

Hashim Amla

Who is best opener in cricket — the best in the business, the cricket opener was born in Proteas. Compared to other newcomers, he was not known for his aggressive play and winning style of throwing balls. Hashim’s unique ability is his high speed of strikes, thanks to which the athlete earned a large number of points for his team. At the same time, the format of the shots was very diverse, so it was difficult for the opponent to predict the trajectory of the ball, which allowed the team to take the lead. The only thing is that Amla was unable to influence the pace of the game like other athletes of his rank. But among other players, he was a “thunder for the bowlers.” Hashim has 18,672 runs to his name.

Rohit Sharma

who is the best opener in the world cricket

Who is best opener in cricket in India? Rohit Sharma is such a player. Career debut - 2013. From that moment on, the athlete fixed his place and never missed a beat. He managed to achieve many world records. Before serving the ball, he always carefully thinks through every step, so his throws are always considered winning. In modern cricket, he is recognized as the who is best opener in cricket.

Sachin Tendulkar

The athlete very often tops the rankings of the best cricket newcomers. He became famous because Sachin is capable of performing any shot at a professional level. His ease of play was noticed in any position. Reliable defense and aggressive attack always brought points to the team. Tendulkar was the first to score 2 centuries in an ODI tournament against South Africa. The first place on the podium rightfully belongs to him, since he has many international awards in his arsenal.


Why are players who is best opener in cricket important to the entire team?

Who is the best opener in cricket — the opener is important to the entire team as he sets the pace for the ball to be served. The athlete basically indicates the impulse for further play. That is, it depends on him whether the team will move towards victory or will stop at zero positions at the very beginning. In this way, a novice player can put a lot of pressure on the opponent.

What are the main parameters that indicate that a novice athlete that who is best opener in cricket?

A player who is best opener in cricket must have not only excellent physical data, but also the necessary information in order to build a winning strategy for behavior on the field. He must not only hit hard, but also be able to throw the ball. It is important for an athlete to be able to choose the correct throwing technique, which will allow him to incapacitate his opponent.

How do players who is the best opener in cricket lead their team to victory?

Players who is best opener in cricket are important to the entire team because they help set the pace for success from the start. They can not only score runs for the team but also take the bowlers out of the game. Newcomers also try to create a favorable atmosphere for middle managers.

How do the challenges for players who is the best opener in cricket differ in different forms of cricket?

Depending on the form of cricket, the challenges for beginners may be slightly different. In Test cricket, novice players face the ball for a longer period of time as their main task is to defend. In limited-overs games players who is best opener in cricket, must start the game as quickly as possible in order to score as many balls as possible.

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Who is best opener in cricket?