Who is the best all rounder in cricket?

Who is the best all rounder in cricket?

Modern cricket has established rules of the game, which have changed a bit over the years. But the basic tasks of the players have remained the same. Each athlete playing in a tournament for his team must do his job 100%. On the field of play, spectators can see batsmen and bowlers, as well as players who defend the wicket. But there are also such athletes who show equally high results no matter what tasks they perform. They are commonly referred to as “all-rounders”, i.e. multi-taskers. Who is the best all rounder in the world, and what are his main achievements?

who is the world best all rounder in cricket

A versatile player is able not only to serve the ball effectively, but also to hit it far. Also included in his merits is a high running speed, which allows you to score the maximum number of wounds. It is this indicator affects the location of the team in the standings. But such universal capabilities of athletes have become more observed exactly in modern cricket. The reason for this was the openness and availability of information that can be found on the network, as well as the use of various tricks and tricks published on thematic sites. The main thing is that the player should be physically savvy and be able to follow the developed strategy.

It is universal players are considered the most valuable players, as they will be able to replace any colleague on the field in case of injury or other unpredictable circumstances. The team, which will have a versatile player, will be able to succeed much faster than its opponent. Therefore, experts decided to answer the question, who is the best all rounder in the world, making a ranking of athletes of all times playing cricket.

Ranking of the most famous all-rounders in cricket

The merits of an all-rounder are evaluated not by the number of matches played, but by the number of runs and wickets taken.

The honored all-rounders of cricket are considered to be:

  • Jacques Kallis;
  • Harry Sobers;
  • Kapil Dev;
  • Richard Hadlee;
  • Imran Khan;
  • Ian Botham;
  • Sean Pollock;
  • Shakib Al Hasan;
  • Andrew Flintoff;
  • Sanath Jayasuriya.

The listed universalists reached the maximum heights in this sport. We will talk about their merits in the article.

who is the world best all rounder in cricket

Shakib Al Hasan

If someone else does not know who is the best all-rounder in the world, we can safely say that Shakib received this title. . The athlete played for the Bangladesh national team and during his career he has been a real proof that all-rounders are undeniably considered the best. He is recognized as a real hero in his country and is still unrivaled. He is considered to be one of the very first all-rounders in the world rankings who managed to maintain this position for a long time. He showed his skills in ODI tournaments. Sometimes Shakib had to apply his tricks in other games as well (T20, Test). Starting his career in international tournaments, the sportsman managed to score around 14 thousand runs and also picked up more than 600 wickets. He achieved these achievements when he played for the Bangladesh national team.

He played for the team as captain for a considerable period of time and was able to show his colleagues and opponents that the game of cricket is one of the most challenging and unpredictable in the world. His performance in the IPL also deserves special mention.

Sean Pollock

Who is the best all rounder in cricket other than Shakibu from Bangladesh? Shaun Pollock also deserves this title. He played for the South African national team. The country has given the world a large number of professional athletes who have won the hearts of fans of modern cricket. The training methodology used by local coaches prepares not only batsmen and bowlers, but also all-rounders for competitions.

Sean’s excellence started when he played for the team as a bowler. His high ball speed allowed the team to score maximum points for wickets broken. But his ability to bat the ball sharply and hard was also not inferior. He was able to defeat his enemy with a single swing of the bat. In his career, he smashed 829 wickets in international tournaments. At one time he was the captain of the national team. He also managed to play in the IPL for a minor period.

Andrew Flintoff

The versatile player was nicknamed ‘Freddie’ because he was remembered for his aggressive game, in which the main emphasis fell on hard hitting. Who is best all rounder in the world but Andrew. The athlete played for the England national team. As part of the team, he managed to lead it to the championship several times. At the same time, the game of cricket was in different formats. Statistically, the guy did not differ from most of his colleagues, but his name was known to every cricket fan. Mostly the game of the all-rounder was seen in big and serious tournaments.

But the successful career ended after Freddie received several injuries. He gradually left the playing field, but the name of the professional of his work is remembered even today not only in England, but also all over the world.

Sanath Jayasuriya

Considered a pioneer in Sri Lanka who is the best all rounder in the world. His abilities were first noticed during defense. That is to say, the beginning of his career was his performances with the bat. But gradually his skills were realized in attack with Jayasuriya during the batting. Sanath’s merits were especially noticed in 1996 when he performed as an outfielder. It was in this year that the Sri Lankan national team managed to become the cricket world champions. He managed to score maximum points due to his high run rate and also managed to smash the most difficult wickets.

Sanath’s records include:

  • 50 balls in an ODI tournament;
  • 400 wickets bowled;
  • 20,000 runs in international matches.

The statistical information is proof of the athlete’s success.

Richard Hadlee

If you are tormented by the question, who is the best all rounder in cricket history, read the information about Richard Hadlee. At one time he was feared by all bowlers. He was tall and had a high enough running speed, which allowed him to score the maximum number of wounds. At the same time, his statistics were not affected by weather conditions and other external factors. Richard played for the New Zealand national team, which is considered one of the most successful cricketing teams in the world. He played for his country’s national team against the English, Australians and West Indies.

Headley is considered to be the first player who managed to score 400 wickets in a Test cricket tournament. And in 1990, the sportsperson was honored with an order that made him even greater.

who is the world best all rounder in cricket

Kapil Dev

The talent and achievements of the great sportsman are hard to beat. He remains India’s who is the best all rounder in the world. In 1983, he managed to lift the Indian team in the standings to the highest possible bar, which led to the team’s appearance in the Cricket World Cup. Till date, Kapil remains the first to account for 500 runs in Test matches. His physical fitness, pirouettes and high speed of making the right decisions have helped him retain the championship in modern cricket.

The sportsman has spent most of his career in Test cricket and his good health and regular training has enabled him to play uninterrupted. Therefore, Kapil Dev managed to become the chief captain of the national team, but not for long. The explanation for this was disputes with his opponent which involved contract tournaments.

Ian Botham

The athlete is considered one of the brightest stars in the world of professional cricket. The English people idolized him. Who is the best all rounder in the world in cricket who could perform better than Ian? Thanks to his skills, he could take the team to the World Cup finals, regardless of the play of his colleagues. Throughout his career, he managed to score around 7,000 runs in international format tournaments and 500 wickets.

Imran Khan

Imran has been a politician in the past. He handled the tasks of the Prime Minister of Pakistan. But Imran’s cricketing skills became much more important to the sportsperson, leading the national team to play in the World Cup in 1992. It was at this time that he ended his career.

Some of the player’s achievements include:

  • 7,000 runs;
  • over 500 wickets;
  • as a captain, Imran played for most of his career.

The athlete was recognized who is the best all rounder in the world not only for his individual achievements but also for his team play.

Harry Sobers

Sobers is very often referred to as the “treasure trove” of professional cricket who is best all rounder in the world. Played in the West Indies national team. Was able to switch at any moment and continue the game in the opposite role. For this coach and appreciated Harry. Bowler played left-handed, had a high speed of the ball and runs. Once on the field, it was Harry who had a knack for handling the bat and catching the ball. Among his colleagues he also had an impact when he was captain.

Jacques Kallis

Jacques’ excellence was proved by the 10,000 runs and 250 wickets that were scored in games of different formats. He has managed to set records of who is best all rounder in the world that are considered to be paramount while ranking the best players. He has become the best all-rounder in his 19-year career. Therefore, if you want to know who is the best wicket-keeper in the world, you can safely call the name of Jacques Kallis.


Who is the best all rounder in the world?

The universal player in cricket who is the best all rounder in the world is considered to be an ambiguous concept, as each expert takes different statistical indicators and factors to compile the rating. But all universal players who are recognized at the international level among coaches, fans are considered Garfield Sobers, Richard Hadlee, Jacques Kallis.

Who is the best all rounder in the world — what are the tasks of an all-rounder in cricket?

The tasks of an all-rounder in cricket have changed over time. It now takes more effort to get the title of who is the best all rounder in the world. Athletes have to be equally good at batting, catching the ball, using strategies to win, etc. Therefore, the requirements for all-rounders have become more stringent.

Who is the best all rounder in cricket in India?

Every national team has such a versatile player who is best all rounder in the world and can play in any position at the same time. In the Indian team, Ravindra Jadeja, Hardik Pandya, and Ravinda Ashwin have been able to handle such tasks without any problem. They represent their country’s interests in modern cricket.

Who is the best all rounder in cricket today?

Ravindra Jadeja is widely recognized among the fans of India. He is the one who is the best all rounder in the world of the national team who can handle or bat the ball without any problem. The player is also recognized for his high running speed to score maximum runs.

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Who is the best all rounder in cricket?