Who is the best women's cricket team?

Who is the best women's cricket team?

Women’s cricket has as long a history as men’s cricket. Although the development of the sport among women’s teams started very differently. In February last year, the Women’s Cricket World Cup was held in South Africa and the first WPL Premier League was held in India, which was one of the biggest events in the sporting discipline. These 2 events made women’s cricket as entertaining and spectacular as possible, with additional Test matches diversifying the standings. Who is the best women’s cricket team of last year has won the hearts of the fans, you can find out in this article.

women which is the best cricket team in the world

What are the formats of women’s cricket?

To find out women which team is best in cricket, it is worth understanding what the main formats of the game are. In the world there are several directions in this sporting discipline, which use the same rules of the game. But still in each format there are some exceptions that distinguish them from each other. Depending on the direction, the team that bats the ball gets a different number of “overs” and “innings”. The term “innings” refers to the number of outs by the athletes wielding the bat, while “overs” refers to the number of shots of the ball that a team needs to bat out.

Each format of women’s cricket has the following features:

  • 1st class cricket - two teams get 2 innings each. The result of their meeting will be decided at the end of 5 days (when the competition is international) or 4 days (in the case of a meeting within a country or between teams of the same club);
  • cricket, in which the number of overs is limited - the duration of the match is 24 hours. In the competition, a team gets 40 or 50 overs;
  • T20 - presents a modern format of the game with a limited number of ball throws. Each team gets 20 pitches to go out with the bat on the field.

The answer to the question, women which is the best cricket team in the world, is not considered unambiguous, as each format of the game highlights the best. Different women’s cricket teams have completely different preparation for the game depending on its format. For example, in T20 cricket, the batsman is often the highest scorer as he manages to score the maximum number of runs in a small time span. Whereas, a batsman with good fitness and discipline is ready to show the best results in 1st class cricket as it is quite difficult to take the athlete out of the game.

Factors that allow you to win

You can find out women which cricket team is best in the world after familiarizing yourself with the rankings. Such lists of teams are compiled by independent experts, who for comparison take several criteria and factors that indicate the superiority of athletes. Some teams are good at batting, i.e. defending their wicket, while others, on the contrary, show their skills in attack. If you analyze the composition of the selected team, you can conclude whether the sportswomen will try to overtake their opponent as quickly as possible in terms of the number of runs scored, or whether they will choose the strategy of increased pitching. When choosing the second option, if a player is good with the ball, he can take his opponents out of the game as quickly as possible.

The final outcome of a match is very often influenced by external factors, which include:

  • the time of day at which the match is played;
  • weather;
  • the condition of the playing area (slippery, rough).

Women’s who is the best women’s cricket team use certain variations of ball delivery depending on the condition of the ‘wicket’ to maximize the set of wounds. Some gates are wetter, while others are hard or soft. They also differ from each other in the density of grass.

Distinguish such “types”:

  • “flat” - used by batsmen who can guess the line of travel of the ball;
  • “green” - ideal for bowlers who are used to pitching the ball at high speed;
  • “dry” - used by bowlers who throw the ball with a “spin turn”.

The main factor that can change the course of the game is considered to be the weather, because it is forbidden to play cricket when it is raining.

Who is the best women’s cricket team depending on the type of cricket?

women which is the best cricket team in the world

The ranking of teams in T20 cricket is as follows:

In ODI format cricket, the best teams are recognized as the same, only they are in a different order:

  • Australia;
  • South Africa;
  • England;
  • India;
  • New Zealand.

In Test cricket, Bangladesh, West Indies, South Africa, Pakistan and New Zealand managed to score maximum points in the standings.

England Women’s National Team

Women which team is best in cricket in England? In international competitions, the women’s team represents not only England but also Wales. It has managed to win almost 40% of Test cricket tournaments, and in ODI matches the winning percentage has reached 49. For several decades, the English women maintained their supremacy in the ranking table on equal terms with the Australian team. The third strongest team was the West Indies team.

In the English team, Sarah Taylor received great recognition. She proved herself to be at the top of her game. Sarah was the wicket keeper with the bat. She performed her task 100%, so the team won against Australia a large number of times. In international tournaments, Taylor made about 6 thousand runs. And for the entire history of England cricket, the girl is considered the most successful. The England team managed to win the World Cup trophy 2 times.

Another athlete who showed an excellent result of the game was Charlotte Edwards. The young girl became the captain of the team. During her management the national team managed to win 3 titles. She was also the first in the world to score 200 runs in a T20 format tournament.

Australian Women’s National Team

The team who is the best women’s cricket team performs in ODI and T20 format events as well as Test events. Apart from this, the Australian team has performed well in limited overs competitions. The first match that was officially registered at the international level was the tournament against England team. At this meeting, both teams showed themselves worthy, so the result was a draw.

For the Australian national team played quite famous and strong athlete Belinda Clark. She is considered to be the first defender of the gate, who was able to score 200 points in a game with a limited number of overs. Clarke is globally recognized for her aggressive style of play, which made the team become the cricket world champions 2 times.

South African Women’s National Team

The team of female athletes from South Africa has another name among fans, the Proteas. For the first time, South Africans showed their success in a test match, competing with Englishwomen. After 1997, the girls began to play in all international tournaments, reaching the final and semifinals in the ranking table. The team also took part in all T20 competitions. The team also performed well in the competition against Pakistan when they managed to defeat their opponent by 8 wickets.

India Women’s National Team

The national team has a second name ‘Women in Blue’. The debut of the team was recorded in Test matches. After 2 years, it met its opponent in the ODI format game. The team managed to reach the World Cup final 3 times but failed to win the competition. The opponent turned out to be stronger. But the high results and well-coordinated work of all the sportswomen were proved a few more times when the team reached the semi-finals of the T20 Cricket World Cup.

Mithali Raj is recognized as the most outstanding person of the Indian team. She has managed to score over 8,000 runs in international format tournaments. For the first time they learned about her at the match against South Africa. Therefore, 4 years later she became the captain of the Indian women’s team who is the best women’s cricket team and with her knowledge and skills managed to lead the team to the final of the World Cup. Raj even received the award of the best sportswoman and striker in modern cricket.

women which is the best cricket team in the world

How is the rating of the best teams compiled?

To find out who is the best women’s cricket team, you can not waste time searching for information on the Internet and its further analysis.

The table with the best teams is compiled on the basis of the following information:

  • physical preparation of players - data about it can be learned from previous competitions in which athletes participated, as well as quantitative indicators that are taken into account when calculating the results;
  • the presence of injuries sustained in recent meetings. They will affect the result of the whole team;
  • data on the number of scored wounds that managed to earn for a certain interval of time.

Also in the list of the who is the best women’s cricket team are those who have recorded the minimum number of violations for the season. After all, non-compliance with the established rules indicates that the players have not fully prepared for the tournament, did not take into account all their shortcomings, and also have insufficient skills to get good results.

Today, to find out which cricket team is the best in the world, you can enter a query in the browser search bar and get an answer with a description of all the merits, achievements of sportswomen.


Who is the best women’s cricket team?

Who is the best women’s cricket team are England, New Zealand, South Africa, Australia and India. Each of them has its own history of creation and record-breaking female cricketers who managed to maximize their results in this sport.

Who is the best women’s cricket team in its history?

Every national team who is the best women’s cricket team, allowing their team to receive the most valuable award - the World Cup trophy. For England it was Sarah Taylor and Charlotte Edwards. In Australia, Belinda Clarke was recognized worldwide. In India, Mithali Raj is considered a colorful person.

What are the criteria to make a women which team is best in cricket?

For a women which team is best in cricket to outperform its rivals, it will need to meet the following criteria: be well physically prepared, follow the basic rules of the game, and try to minimize injuries. It is also important to try to score as many runs as possible, as the position in the standings depends on it.

How can I find out which team is best in cricket?

You can find out who is the best women’s cricket team from the rankings. The list is compiled by independent experts, who for its publication in detail analyze information about the achievements, losses of teams, their physical preparation, the presence of injured athletes, the number of wounds, etc. The information is freely available. The information is freely available on the Internet.

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Who is the best women's cricket team?