What is ODI in cricket?

What is ODI in cricket?

Cricket is a sport that is known all over the world. It is competitive and very exciting even for those who come to a match for the first time. The game involves the interaction of the public who support their favorites. Cricket is based on several forms of the game: Twenty20, Test match and ODI, which will be discussed below.

This sport is known to most people, but if you ask yourself the question, what is ODI in cricket, not everyone will be able to give the right answer. It is clear that cricket fans will immediately say - it is a one-day match and will be completely right. However, if one wants to explore this question in more detail, one needs to delve deeper into the topic.

Full form of ODI

To know what is the full form of ODI in cricket, one has to refer to the decoding of the acronym, which clearly indicates that ODI stands for One Day Internationals.

ODI is a short match that lasts for 1 day and includes 50 overs for each team. A Test match, on the other hand, is the longest format, lasting up to 5 days. ODIs involve dynamic play and a fast, aggressive process, while the Test format allows teams to strategize, change tactics. Twenty20 involves 20 overs and is the shortest compared to the previous two. Also, ODIs involve introducing new rules, changing techniques, while Test matches have strict laws that cannot be broken or changed.

What is ODI in cricket

Dealing with the question, what is the meaning of ODI in cricket, we can say that this format has a limited number of overs, the game is limited to one day, and each team has one innings. The team that scores the most runs in an innings is the winner. A Test has a long period and teams play two innings each.

ODI matches are the highest standard forms of play which are categorized as limited overs. This format has fielding restriction rules. The duration of a match is 9-10 hours.

Many people who have started to be interested in this sport are interested in what is the highest individual score in ODI cricket. In this case, it is worth mentioning the famous record of Rohit Gurunath Sharma, which was broken on November 13, 2014. He scored 264 runs It is known that as of May 2023, the record is unbroken.

What is ODI in cricket: general information

Now that it is clear what is meant by ODI in cricket, it is time to pay attention to the details. It is important to understand where the game takes place, under what conditions and without what it cannot take place.

The cricket field is called a pitch, has the shape of an ellipse with a grass surface. there is no strictly defined length, but often the dimensions are 130-150 meters. The central strip is called the court - here the main actions of the game are performed. At both ends of the strip are placed wickets (gates): three columns with two crossbars.

Cricket does not require a lot of equipment. The main equipment is a long flat bat, which is different in shape from a baseball bat. Also, an important detail is the ball, because it is the ball that needs to be hit with the bat. The ball should be made of cork covered with white or red colored leather.

What is ODI in cricket

Separately, players need to take care of their equipment, which consists of spiked boots for maximum grip, long pants and a polo shirt. Those who catch and kick should be provided with face shields, gloves and helmets.

The umpires are necessarily present on the field. The position of one of them - behind the goal, the second - near the player with the bat. The goalkeeper umpire has the final say, with the second umpire acting as an assistant. The presence of a third umpire who analyzes the television replays is not excluded. And two umpires who score and keep statistics.

Historical facts

After determining what is ODI match in cricket, it is possible to look into historical facts. The first ODI match was played in 1971 in Melbourne. This format is older when compared to Twenty20. The color of clothing varies depending on the variant of the game, in ODIs national team color jerseys are used, while in the test mode - white. The color of the ball is red in Tests and white in ODIs.

The total number of overs that can be played in an ODI is a maximum of 50. In the early days of cricket, 60 overs per innings were allowed in ODIs. Thereafter, various changes and improvements have been made to the rules of cricket. Specifically ODI was changed several times to 40, 45, 55 overs, after which the final rule was derived which stipulates 50 overs per innings.

Why is the match being reduced to 50 overs

The first time less than 60 overs were played in ODI cricket was in 1972-1973 when England and Australia played 55 overs, citing the summer time factor.During the 70s period, there were also many formats with 55 overs with six balls, 35 overs with 8 balls and 50 overs with 6 balls. All these formats were recorded in different countries. 50 over cricket was first used in the West Indies against Pakistan in 1977. With as many formats available, World Cups were held in England, so the 60 over format was unchanged.

The 50 overs format was widely popularized by World Series Cricket. Slowly but surely it was by other countries as a standard. The last 60 overs match was played in the World Cup final in 1883.

what is the highest individual score in odi cricket

In 1985, the 50 over format was adopted by all teams as the standard. The exception was England, who accepted 55 overs, but eventually adopted the standard in 1996. Thus, the number 60 was no longer the global standard, but was mainly the standard for England and the World Cup, and 50 overs was the accepted standard.

It is possible that the 50 overs rule will not change again. And, as for what is the highest partnership in ODI cricket - the record remains the same. It belongs to Marlon Samuels and Chris Gayle, who got 372 hits against Zimbabwe in the 2015 World Cup. so far, no team has even come close to that figure, let alone broken that record.

What is ODI in cricket: rules of one-day competitions

One Day Internationals is an official cricket format involving two teams with 11 players in each team.

The pitches in a match are played until all players are out, but the maximum number of overs can only be 50.

What the start of the game will be is decided by a coin. One team hits first and the other team gets the bowl and the field. The team that bats first tries to collect the maximum number of runs. Fielding restrictions apply to the first 10 and last 10 overs. After each team’s innings is over, the team that has collected the most runs wins.

ODI Tri-Nations Series

In most cases, ODI matches are played as part of a series of 3 or 5 matches during international tournaments where one country hosts a visiting country. The ODI Tri-Nations Series is held annually, with three teams competing to win the series.

In 2020, there were only 3 matches in the ODI series. This happened because of the existence of the ICC ODI Super League. This is where every One Day Internationals played gives a point to the winning team. This super league helps in qualifying for the World Cup.

what is the full form of odi in cricket

If we look at this discipline in detail, then we need to find out what is powerplay in ODI cricket.

Explaining in simple terms, without going too deep into the essence, it is the restrictions on the field, which must be adhered to by the team playing on the field.

What is ODI in cricket and how the World Cup is run

The most popular of the series is the ODI World Cup. These events take place every four years. All the countries that play cricket also participate in the ICC Champions Trophy tournament, which takes place every two years. The Champions Trophy, which will take place between October-November in 2023 is being completely shifted to India. The championships have already been partially held there in 1987, 1997 and 2011. The championship was originally scheduled for February-March, but plans had to be changed due to the pandemic.

Spectators play an important role in cricket. In 2022, India hosted day and night matches. In the home season, the stadiums were completely full, creating a full energetic environment that encourages players to give their best. The day match ended as early as 5pm, so many people whose working hours were longer could not be in the stands watching the game.

The 5 fastest matches in the history of ODI cricket

The shortest ODI matches in terms of number of balls thrown in which a result was achieved:

  1. Nepal and USA in 2020 - a score of 104 balls has been reached. USA were bowled out for 35 runs. Nepal chased the target in 5.2 overs and won by eight runs.
  2. Sri Lanka and Zimbabwe 2001 - the result was achieved in 104 balls. Zimbabwe were bowled out for 38 runs. Sri Lanka reached the target in 4.2 overs and won by nine wickets.
  3. Sri Lanka vs India 2023 Asia cup final match. The result is achieved in 129 balls. Sri Lanka opt for 50 runs. India reach the target of 6.1 and win by ten.
  4. Canada vs Sri Lanka 2003 - the result was 140 balls. Canada were bowled out for 36 runs. Sri Lanka reached the target of 4.4 and won by nine.
  5. Zimbabwe vs Sri Lanka - 164 balls. Zimbabwe were bowled out for 35 runs. Sri Lanka reached the target in 9.6 overs and got the win with nine.

Some fans are wondering, what is the lowest score in ODI cricket? The lowest score was given to the Zimbabwe team that played against Sri Lanka. The anti-record score obtained is 36 with an overscore of 18. The match was played on April 25, 2004.


What is ODI in cricket?

Not every person can answer what is meant by ODI in cricket. explained in simple words - it is a one- day match in cricket. It is a dynamic form of the game, the rules of which may change. What does not change is the fact that each team has 50 overs per match.

What is the highest individual score in ODI cricket?

Answering the question, what is the highest score in ODI cricket, Rohit Gurunath Sharma, who scored 264 runs in November 13 in 2014, got the lead. So far, no one has posted a higher score.

What is the lowest score in ODI cricket?

It is already known what is a good score in ODI cricket. However, there is an anti-record score. The lowest score, 36, was given to the Zimbabwe team that played Sri Lanka. The event took place on April 25, 2004 and still remains the worst score.

What is the full form of ODI in cricket?

To understand what is ODI match in cricket, it is necessary to find out the meaning of each word. The abbreviation ODI stands for One Day Internationals.

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What is ODI in cricket?