How many types of bowling in cricket?

How many types of bowling in cricket?

How many types of bowling in cricket — where bowlers showcase their extraordinary techniques and styles across various forms of the game. Discover the exhilarating essence of the game through this captivating element. Introducing the ultimate classification system: behold the two magnificent styles - the lightning-fast and the gracefully slow.

How many types of bowling in cricket — where a multitude of bowling styles awaits your exploration. Unveiling the diverse array of bowling techniques in this beloved sport, you’ll gain a comprehensive understanding that transcends mere surface knowledge. Prepare to be enthralled as you delve into the myriad of bowling variations that cricket has to offer. Discover the invaluable insights that await as you delve into the fascinating world of pace pitches. Uncover the nuances and distinctions that set each one apart, empowering you with a deeper understanding of this captivating realm. Prepare to elevate your knowledge and expertise as you embark on this enlightening journey.

how many types of bowling are there in cricket

Discover the captivating world of cricket as we delve into the intriguing realms of bowling techniques and the exhilarating pace of pitches. Join us as we explore the diverse how many types of bowling in cricket in this beloved sport and uncover the secrets behind each unique style. Prepare to be enthralled by the artistry and skill that lies within the captivating world of cricket. Let the journey begin! Discover the captivating world of bowling techniques employed by seasoned bowlers. Delve into the intricacies of each variant, as we unravel the answer to the pivotal question: How many types of bowling exist in the realm of cricket? Prepare to be enthralled as we embark on this enlightening journey together.

The basics of fast and slow bowling

Dealing with the topic of what are the different types of bowling in cricket, it is worth highlighting the most basic options that exist at the moment.

In fast bowling, the speed of the ball is around 80-90 miles per hour. The bowlers who use the fast bowling technique try to go tricky and mislead those who are batting. This kind of pitching is a test of how fast the reaction is.

Slow bowling - up to 70mins. Using the slow technique, bowlers often try to spin the ball. Using this strategy, the ball may change its direction when it comes in contact with the ground. Such techniques become mind games between the bowler and the batter, because the behavior of the ball cannot be predicted with 100% accuracy.

Slow spin bowling

Spinning bowling utilizes the use of the fingers and hands to make the ball spin. This will, in some cases, allow the ball to be held on the surface.To replicate spin bowling, a certain type of surface is required, as some are easier to do this on, while others are much more difficult. For example, dry pitches with cracked ground can encourage spin.

While broaching the topic of how many types of spin bowling in cricket, it is important to note a few important points. The types of spin bowling are divided into two variants: toe spin and no spin. Slow bowlers specialize in one of the two techniques, and only a small fraction of bowlers possess the two variants.

how many types of bowling in cricket in tamil

Off Spin

In the question of what are the types of bowling in cricket, some important styles need to be highlighted. Off-spin bowling is where the right-handed player uses the fingers of the right hand to move the ball, usually from the outside edge towards the leg side of the batting right-handed player.

One more type ancwear how many types of bowling in cricket is a left-handed spinner can spin the ball with the same motions, applying the fingers to get the ball to start spinning. But, understandably, the ball will fly in a different direction - toward the leg of the right-handed spinner. This technique is called “off-break” delivery. If you execute the technique correctly, the ball should hit the ground and go in the direction of the batter. This delivery is considered standard for most off spin bowlers. This question is relevant to those who are interested in the topic of how many types of bowling in cricket.

Best spinner

When twisting the fingers, the bowler tries to untwist the seam upwards - this will help to make a loop and a high serve. In this technique, the ball is often not spinning left or right, but straight ahead. This can be used as a tool to confuse the bowler with the bat.


Doosra is a serve with the ball spinning in the opposite direction to a standard serve. If you make a grip between your thumb and forefinger, the ball can turn in the opposite direction

Carrom Ball

Using the thumb and middle finger to toss the ball, which can result in a chaotic motion. Rotation of the ball may occur in different directions. This results in less control and can result in extreme spin. This is an important nuance to be aware of when considering: how many types of spin bowling in cricket.

Hand ball

When the ball is used on the arm, the seam is placed vertically. When the ball is served, the fingers roll downward. There is usually no spin in this case, indicating a straight flight of the ball. As a result of this flight, the ball may swing constantly.

how many types of bowling are there in cricket

Foot spin

One of the most difficult skills that few people master. It requires wrist movement to release the ball. Bowlers who use this technique are referred to as “wrist spinners”. This terminology is used synonymously. The technique involves gripping with the index and middle fingers. The serve is made by turning the ball using the wrist. The right-handed player makes this movement counterclockwise.

If the technique is done correctly, there can be many moves, and the large number of variations gives bowlers the opportunity to mislead opponents. These are important nuances in learning how many types of spin bowling in cricket matches.


When considering the topic of how many types of spin bowling in cricket, it is necessary to talk about the most popular style - googly. Standard ball in the most common variation, which is delivered by the spinner. the technique involves additional manipulation of the fingers. It can also be an alternative wrist movement to help turn the ball in the opposite direction. A useful technique to confuse the opponent.


Gripping the fingers between the thumb and index finger makes the delivery unpredictable. It may move and spin in different directions, or it may not move at all.


The hand movement used in this technique can cause the ball to move backwards, causing it to linger on the pitch.


Top spin is generated by the slider. When the bowler releases the ball from his hands, he swipes his fingers against the side of the ball, resulting in a slight reverse spin or side spin. Often the ball goes straight, but may accelerate the pacei beyond the boundaries of the pitch.

Fast bowling

An important topic for anyone interested in cricket is how many types of fast bowling there are in cricket. But first we need to identify the points by which this style can be qualified. Fast bowlers use the speed they create when playing with the ball. Some of them can reach speeds in excess of 90mph. This can be intimidating to the batter or test their speed.

The process can seem too exhausting and predictable, and fast hitters may not be able to handle long pitches. The best well-hitting bowlers respond well to speed pitches, but an inexperienced player may not always be able to even look at a 90 mph ball approaching. These are important details that will help to unravel the topic of how many types of bowling in cricket and what are the differences between them.

Some bowlers are quite happy with the pace, but some still want to mislead the opponent by spinning the ball, thus making the pitch unpredictable.

Seam bowling is the act of touching the seam of the ball against the pitch and moving it to either side in order to deceive the batter.

Swing bowling is based on movement in the air. Certain conditions cause the ball to swing in different directions.

To further elaborate on what are the different types of bowling in cricket, there are a few important points to know.

how many types of bowling are there in cricket

High pace bowling delivery includes:

  • The Yorker. In this technique, the yorker falls right under the bat with full impact. In one-day formats, these formats are very popular.
  • Bouncer. This is a short pitch for most of the time. The strike is often at the level of the batter’s head. If he doesn’t anticipate the pitch, he can be hit. Short pitches are limited.
  • Leg cutter. When a bowler releases the ball at pace, he uses a leg cutter. This will make the ball move from the side of the foot placement towards the right-handed batter. This is not the same as when pitching spin, but will help mislead the batter.Talking about what are the types of bowling in cricket, there are many and each has its own nuances.
  • From the cutter. the principle is the same, but with the application of additional techniques - grip with a spinner and conducting fingers on the ball.
  • Slow ball. Bowlers possess various tricks that contribute to slowing down the flight of the ball. This means that it will arrive later than expected. Such a trick will help to deceive the batter. Nuckleball is a type of slower delivery. Due to the fact that the ball is not in the fingers, but on their knuckles, which creates a slow motion after the launch. Under these conditions, the batter can make an unsuccessful shot.

Based on the above information, one can understand the many types of fast bowling in cricket.

Bowling swings

Another aspect worth revealing talking about how many types of bowling are there in cricket. Bowling swing is a technique that is referred to as the dark art of cricket. To know more about this concept, you need to familiarize yourself with its various aspects.

Reverse swing - in this case, the ball usually has a different movement from that of a normal swing. A proper reverse swing is difficult to execute and it is unpredictable for the batter.

Stitch bowling - a bowler can achieve impressive results by forcing the ball to leave the field with the use of a stitch. Often the seam is unpredictable. Even if bowlers keep it in their presentation, but its behavior is difficult to predict. Everything depends on luck, so only really strong players will be able to show effective reaction.

Fast bowlers mostly use different pitches, applying different techniques, which allows them to make pitches more varied. In one-day formats and in a game with limited overs, variety is particularly useful.

Medium pace bowling

Medium pace bowling is essential to know about for those who are interested in how many types of bowling in cricket. Medium pace is also worth mentioning. This classification includes bowlers who deliver the ball at speeds of up to 75mph, with no spin given to the ball. If we consider non-professional cricket team, we can see a large number of medium pace players there. However, it can also be a challenge for batters.


How many types of bowling are there in cricket?

To briefly answer the question: how many types of bowling are there in cricket, there are two main types - fast and slow. Each of them has its own techniques and tricks that mislead the opponent.

How many types of spin bowling are there in cricket?

When considering the question: how many types of spin bowling in cricket, there are currently four types of spin bowling: topspin, legspin, off-spin and googly. These styles are often used by professional bowlers and beginners alike. It is not necessary to have special physical attributes to utilize any of these tactics. The player needs to have the cunning and forethought to fool the bowler with the bat.

How many types of fast bowling in cricket?

Answering the question: how many types of fast bowling in cricket, it is worth noting that there are 5 in total: yorker, bouncer, leg cutter, off cutter, slow ball. The styles of high pace bowling differ in their technique.

What are the different types of bowling in cricket?

When considering the topic of what are the different types of bowling in cricket, it can be said that there are many techniques and methods in this sport. Each of the main styles is divided into additional styles, which are actively used in cricket in order to diversify the game process.

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How many types of bowling in cricket?