Who is the best wicket keeper in the world?

Who is the best wicket keeper in the world?

Cricket, like other sports, has its own rules, designations and terminology. Before the start of each match, the coach of the team gives out tasks to the players, the overall aim of which is to score points for balls scored in the opponent’s wicket. Modern cricket is similar in some terms to popular soccer.

One of the most important players in the tournament is the goalkeeper. Many refer to him as the “wicket keeper”. His task is to protect the wicket from “enemy attack”. The success of the team largely depends on the professionalism of the goalkeeper. Therefore, among fans of this sport often arises the question, who is the best wicket keeper in the world? After all, many athletes who play the role of defender for their team at a high level, sometimes do not cope with the task at 100%. The reason for this situation is the professionalism of the striker.

who is world best wicket keeper

The game of each goalkeeper is watched not only by spectators and coaches, but also by official representatives of international organizations that make ratings of the best athletes. The technique of hitting and throwing is taken into account, as well as the ability of the “goal defender” to cope with the pressure on the wicket. When compiling the rankings, one does not forget about the percentage of losses and wins over a certain period of time. Based on the information collected and analyzed, we can conclude who is the best wicket-keeper in the world.

Main tasks of a keeper

To find out who is the best keeper in the world in cricket, it is first worthwhile to understand what basic skills he should possess. Firstly, the wicket keeper must develop a good balance of strokes. Secondly, he should regularly improve his batting technique to improve his batting percentage.

According to cricket terminology, a wicket keeper is commonly referred to as a guard. His opponent from the other team directs all his energies to knock the batsman out of the game. That is, he needs to smash the wicket of his opponent. But, apart from smashing the wicket, the guard can also leave the field of play in another situation when the ball hit off his bat is caught by players from the opposing team. They are all over the field, so they will be able to take possession of the ball at any moment. The third option, in which the batsman will be removed from the playing area, is for the ball to hit the goalkeeper, while keeping his bat in front of the wicket.

The goalkeeper’s task is to collect “runs” while the opposing team’s ball is in the air. Points are awarded for the number collected. After one goalkeeper is removed from the field, another athlete takes his place. The removal from the field goes on until all 11 members of the team have left the field. In the next round, the teams switch places. At the end, the number of points scored by one team is compared with this value of the other team.

Based on the information, we can conclude that the goalkeeper is one of the key players in cricket, as it is on him depends on the number of points scored. It is this indicator that affects the position in the standings.

Who is the best wicket keeper in world: list of athletes

Experts in modern cricket annually analyze the characteristics of the best keepers and make a rating.

Who is the world best wicket keeper of all time:

  • Jos Buttler of England;
  • Quinton De Kock of South Africa;
  • Jonny Bairstow of England;
  • Mohammad Rizwan of Pakistan;
  • Rishabh Pant of India;
  • Mushfiqur Rahim of Bangladesh;
  • Matthew Wade of Australia.

The positioning in the standings will be influenced by the number of runs and eliminations by a player with the bat.

who is world best wicket keeper

Jos Buttler

The sportsman who is best wicket keeper in world has become famous not only among the players of the England national team, but also all over the world. His popularity is due to his unique abilities of fast running, as a result of which he was able to score the maximum number of points in the standings. Today, Jos remains the best goalkeeper. He is also credited with an active offense. During his career, Buttler managed to play not only in test tournaments, but also in world-class games.

Who is the best wicket keeper in the world β€” it is a popular athlete with the bat has scored 2000 runs in T20I format tournaments in the last year. But his sensational cricketing credentials remain his high strike rate and ability to bat off a large number of balls. In the Cricket World Cup, Jos managed to rack up a maximum strike rate of 115 and in T20I games, that figure exceeds 140. Buttler can not only defend his wicket reliably but also bat the ball away with quality.

Quinton De Kock

The South African player is considered to be one of the most talented goalkeepers and wicket keepers. If you don’t know yet who is the best wicket keeper in the world and why exactly Quinton won this title, we recommend you to read the article. The first time you heard about him was in 2012, when the young 19-year-old conquered everyone with his performance in the World Cup. After a while, De Kock consolidated his result, but already among adult experienced athletes. Therefore, many experts called him one of the most promising goalkeepers of South Africa in the T20 Championship. It was from 2012 that his career in international cricket began.

Quinton has managed to score around 5500 runs in ODI games so far, and has scored over 1800 runs in T20I tournaments. His ODI average last year was 46. In Test modern cricket, De Kock managed to successfully complete 3300 runs.

Jonny Bairstow

Who is world best wicket keeper according to fans? England’s Jonny has been recognized as the best wicket keeper. He was recognized among other players, coaches and cricket experts due to his high performance in the statistics table. If you compare his characteristics with Buttler’s data, of course, they are slightly inferior to the first athlete in the list. His number of runs in international tournaments is around 9000.

Mohammad Rizwan

The game of the athlete from Pakistan was very often stipulated by professional critics who is the best wicket keeper in the world. Some considered his achievements undeserved, others said that Mohammad is quite successfully climbing the career ladder and actively gaining points not only for his team, but also for himself. And in the 2021 World T20 World Cup, his work really deserved praise. Rizwan managed to masterfully defend his team’s wicket by applying certain tricks to do so. His impeccable physical fitness decided the course of the game. Today, the sportsman has around 3400 runs in international tournaments and 105 runs.

Rishabh Pant

Rishabh has been recognized as the youngest who is the best wicket keeper in the world last year and this year. So far, he has managed to collect 127 balls thrown by the opponents. And in international tournaments, the athlete has managed to score 3000 runs. The value of average score in Test format and ODI games is above 30. And a notable feature of the player is considered to be his high-velocity scoring ability as well as his quick batting skills.

Mushfiqur Rahim

Most experts believe that Mushfiqur has not earned his popularity as he has not put in enough effort to achieve it. Some cricket fans who do not know who is the best wicket keeper in the world, did not even realize that it is Rahim who is in the list of such athletes. Fans are unaware of his strong characteristics and excellent fitness.

who is world best wicket keeper

His major honors include:

  • 13000 international runs;
  • 5000 runs in Test cricket;
  • 6500 runs in ODI games.

Today, Mushfiqur is not part of the main squad of the Bangladesh cricket team, but during his time on the field, he manages to score the number of points needed to win the title of the best player.

Matthew Wade

At one time, the coach of the Australian cricket team tried hard to find a worthy replacement for Matthew. But even after Wade left the sport, other goalkeepers have not been able to achieve the results that he did during his career. Among his peers and fans, Matthew was known as “The Kangaroo.” He gained popularity that year when he made an appearance for the national team against Pakistan. He managed to spectacularly defeat the opponents, leaving them no chance to win. The goalkeeper has more than 4200 runs in international tournaments and 229 shutouts.

How to know who is the best keeper in the world cricket?

To find out who is the best keeper in modern cricket, you can check out the international table of athlete statistics. This list includes the technical performance values of wicket keepers that they have managed to earn over one or more seasons.

Who is the best wicket keeper in the world are considered as one of the major athletes whose performance determines the result, no matter what kind of match it is:

  • T20;
  • ODI;
  • Test.

Even when a player will be behind the stumps, he can bring victory to his team. Therefore, the main qualities of a goalkeeper should be high concentration and strike rate. These are the ones that help to score a lot of points for the team and win in the tournament.


Who is a wicket keeper in modern cricket?

Who is the best wicket keeper in the world a wicket keeper is considered a special player of the team. He is located outside the wicket. He is allowed to use gloves and leg guards to stop the ball. His job is considered to be to protect the goal. He can bat the ball away or he can catch it. The main qualities of a goalkeeper are excellent physical and mental preparation.

What rules should a goalkeeper follow?

Who is the best wicket-keeper in the world β€” they must stay outside the wicket until the thrown ball touches the bat or the body of the athlete standing in front of him. He may then leave his place and make a run. If the rule is broken, the umpire may declare “no ball” and the team will have to replay the stroke again.

Who is the best wicket keeper in the world?

Who is best wicket keeper in world, it’s a modern cricket like Jos Buttler of the England team. He has shown his skills in Test cricket and T20, ODI tournaments. The athlete also became popular due to his high strike rate, which allowed him to earn a large number of points for his team.

What qualities should the best wicket keeper in cricket possess?

For a who is the world best wicket keeper to become the best among his opponents, he should be extremely attentive and concentrated. He should also have good physical and mental fitness. Emotional poise will not be superfluous at the time of decision making.

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Who is the best wicket keeper in the world?